Saturday, June 1, 2013

NYC 2013

Well, I've come to terms with the fact that I desire to blog way more often than I actually do. I always have witty things that come to mind in the middle of some fun adventurous thing we're doing and I say to myself, "THIS is going to make a great blog!" Then five months go by and it seems way less witty, like it's past it's prime. We've had several blog worthy days this year, but our weekend in New York City, I was DETERMINED to document! 

Several people have asked us why we were going there and asking if it was for a specific event. The truth is, nope. We've both been there in the past and wanted to go again. We decided to skip out on giving each other birthday presents this year and treat each other to a long weekend in NYC instead :) 

This may be a picture overload, but let's be honest, pictures are worth 1,000 words, right?!? We stayed in the Double Tree by Hilton in Times Square. We were able to use points David had from work travel to book most of our stay. 

Day 1
Soup Kitchen (from Seinfeld) for lunch
Central Park (Got to see the season finale of SVU being recorded)
Lindor Chocolate and the M&M store
Starbucks!!!! (Trying for a break out of the rain)
The Book of Mormon on Broadway 
Giant $4 pizza



Day 2
Waited in line to not get on Live with Kelly & Michael
Central Park (In the SUN this time!)
Apple Store
FAO Schwartz
China Town (Delicious lunch!)
911 Memorial
Brooklyn Bridge
Wicked on Broadway
Donut Ice Cream Sandwich (WHAT?!? Best creation EVER!)

Day 3
Newsies on Broadway 
Improv Comedy
Fancy Dinner 
Empire State Building
Times Square at night

Day 4 
Grand Central Station
Times Square
Fly Home :(

All in all, we stayed pretty busy but had SOOO much fun! We had only bought Wicked tickets before we went. For Book of Mormon we were able to get discount cancellation tickets and for Newsies we won $30 lottery tickets! Had a blast, stayed under budget, and made memories for a lifetime. No other person I would have rather have been there with than my best friend!!!


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